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This blog is nothing more than a link drop location where I can quickly drop links to websites I find useful or interesting.

Normally I would just add these links into my official lists on my personal website or my business website, however a lot of times I don’t have time for organizing those lists, and I find it easier to just drop the links off here until I can find time to place them in their appropriate places.


I am planning an update for this blog that will bring to this home page a list of updates that are happening all across my entire blog network. I maintain 40+ blogs (some frequently, and some not often). I know – it’s crazy! This update list will make it easy for you to find out where my newest content is being posted and when. When I start rolling out this update, I plan on adding this to my most frequently updated websites that I think may get the most benefit from it.

Also I will be adding a list on this blog somewhere that will have links to all of the blogs in my blogging network.


At some point I plan (I think) to create a blog specifically for listing fun hashtags to browse on Instagram. For now, I’m placing a list here (for the purpose of clearing tabs out of my Firefox browser.

#saquaro – https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/saquaro/


I have turned commenting for discussion on this blog to OFF. This means you are currently NOT allowed to leave a comment on any post throughout the blog. In a future update, I will add a blog post that will serve as this blog’s “GUESTBOOK”. When that post is made, you’ll be able to drop website suggestions.

When the time comes, the type of comments I’m looking for on this blog are website suggestions. Do you have a favorite website that is interesting? Leave a comment with a url and a description of the site and I’ll consider taking a look at it. I may even mention it in another blog post. Bear in mind that I do moderate comments on this blog and I do not like spam comments. Any comments or urls that remotely resemble spam will be deleted. I don’t get paid to accept comments on this blog, so don’t waste your time, or mine. Also do not drop links in comments to business websites. Those will immediately be deleted. This blog is not a free advertising platform. If you would like to advertise your business (in the United States only), I recommend getting listed at The BIG List.

Look for the GUESTBOOK soon.


I have kindly turned on the WordPress.com “LIKES” function across this blog. This is a function I have grown to literally hate in the past due to the number of spammers on WordPress.com’s platform in it’s blogging community. I am trying to be generous on this particular blog for the real bloggers out there to use it, and let their visits to this blog be known with a “like”, and also because it can sometimes be a convenient way to discover decent blogs and websites.


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